7 Ways To Become A Beauty Junkie Without Going Broke

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7 Ways To Become A Beauty Junkie & Not Go Broke

Being beautiful can come with a price tag. Between pricey anti-aging serums, fancy creams that promise to remove that dreadful cellulite, to a beauty smorgasbord of lipstick at your fingertips?I am going to go broke! To save a few pennies in my Kate Spade clutch (and yours) I?ve compiled a list of dollar-stretching ideas that will have you looking like a million bucks without breaking the piggy bank.

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1. Sign up for newsletters from your favorite retailer.

I totes swear by my Sephora emails. You control how often you are kept in the know. And it?s the perfect way to get exclusive discount codes and coupons, and my favorite, free shipping with no minimum purchase. Most beauty sites have a sign-up link for these lists on their homepage.

2. Ask for free samples

Yes. I am that…

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