GlamST pt.2 : Updated Review

So if you guys remember I recently did an review on GlamST launching their website.  If you want to check that out Click Here.

BEFORE: So this time around I was able to upload my own image. This is the image I  used. I already had on makeup (a little).

For this I wanted to try out different foundations since I need to purchase some more.  That was my main focused of using the sight.


Products I used:

Makeup Forever HD Invisible Coverage Foundation.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

YSL ROUGE PUR COUTURE Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain Rebel Nudes

I think it turned out pretty good.

Site Overview:

Before you start applying makeup to your picture. Its a process you have to go through (pointless to me). You have to place the markers accurately on you face. Makeup your picture isn’t like mine because half of the markers won’t show and it’ll be hard to place them right. You also need patience cause its a fast but slow process.

Eye Shadow, Eyeliner and Mascara? I didn’t use them because they didn’t work out how I thought they would’ve.

Here’s a picture with them on.


The eyeliner isn’t placed right and it though me off of using eyeshadow. Also my lashes are removed from my eyes and placed on my eye balls. Creepy Right?


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