Just A Little….Blah!!

Can I rant for a moment?

So the other day I went to Walmart to buy a new memory card since mine broke. Which I’m still trying to figure out how it broke. While I was there it took almost an hour for somebody to help and then tell me that someone else would have to give it to me. One he was the manager and could’ve helped me instead of giving the keys to another employee who was working the register. After wait for about another hour I gave up and left. As I was leaving I saw him again outside smoking. He approached me and said I was just about to come in and help you. BULLSHIT!!!!!!!! That made me so mad. I was so ready to slap him.

Now I have to record my video’s on my webcam and hope it doesn’t look horrible. I will have videos up soon.

Question: Why do Walmart have so many employee’s and only 3 people working the register?



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