Kamea vs JuicyCanvas …?

Thanks to the wonderful people over at JuicyCanvas I was able to create a Canvas.

logo juicycanvas

At first I was a little worried about how it was going to come out. To my surprise it came out amazing. I used one of the stencils they have and “Remixed” it a little to my liking. I was hoping to make a T-shirt but couldn’t yet. Hey let’s start off with an easy process first.

I enjoyed making my canvas. It was pretty easy. I made two canvas:

  1. Puppy Love – Of course had to make this one I mean hey I am an animal lover.
  2. Sugar Skull – After watching Halloween tutorials on the sugar skull look I feel in love.

It can be very pricey but we all know you can put a price on art. It depends on how you design it.

My overall experience: Amazing 9/10

Reasoning being its super easy to get around the site and it takes only 2 minutes at most to create your canvas.

Now let’s get on to the good stuff. Not only can you create a canvas but you can create a T-Shirt, Baby Onesie, Phone Case and a Tote Bag.

Custom T-shirt_ JuicyCanvas


Baby Onesie JuicyCanvas

About JuicyCanvas and Indiegogo:

Artur Maklyarevsky and Deb Brugiati recently launched JuicyCanvas, the first art and fashion marketplace that allows you to remix trending art and print it onto products. This week, they’ve launched their Indiegogo crowd funding campaign and are seeking the backing of fashion enthusiasts as they realize a vision of individual expression through fully remixable clothing.

The husband-wife-baby trio are from Buenos Aires/New York, art lovers and strong believers of active, creative consumers. It’s their vision to create a world where everything can be remixed, redesigned and personalized.

How Do I Participate? You Ask! :

Follow this link: www.juicycanvas.com/go

The video will explain everything. Mostly you can get whatever you want remixed. You can even get a Facebook cover.


Here few link where you can find more info about us and the campaign:


I trust that this isn’t a scheme to get your money. This is 100% legit.

Baby Luciano


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