So they open a new WalMart Super-Center near my house. I finally made it to the new WalMart and bought a few things. I was shocked to see they had an ELF section so me being me I had to buy a few things. ANd I picked me up a few pair of leggings and jeggings for my new job.


Altogether I spent about $50. I know that’s a bit much. Who cares makeup and fashion is my thing so its wroth spending it all if I have too ( not really lol).  I enjoyed spending it. 😀


Mostly E.L.F and I picked up two things from LA Colors another good drug store brand.




Items: Blotting sheets, Eye Lashes, Eye Lash Curler, Brushes ( Bronzer, Blending, Flat Shadow and Foundation) Eye Primer, Cream Eyeliner, Waterproof Eyeliner, Concealer, Blue Eyeliner (LA Colors), White Eye Shadow Pencil (LA Colors), Lip Exfoliator



I got a pair of Black, Maroon and Denim Leggings and a pair of Floral Jeggings.

P.S: I know most people think people do this to brag but that is not the case well for most me at least.


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