Wish I Was That Smart! {GlamST Review}

Ready to hear about a new app.
As you can probably tell this is a review on a new beauty app I tired. Keep reading to find out what I think. Lets get started!

The limited knowledge I have on makeup is thanks to the random YouTube videos I’ve watched out of desperation.  This is me, I walk into Rite Aid {yes, Rite Aid…don’t judge} and stroll over to the cosmetics aisle. If it’s something I can open, I test it on the back of my hand {yes I test it before buying its not a crime I think …}.  Don’t ask me about toner, or moisturizer because I have no clue.  I use foundation, and I use concealer. Yes, I’ve even used it on my lips, just once.  I’m getting better.


Then I met GlamST.  It’s an app coming to the scene soon.  It allows you to actually see how makeup looks on you before you buy it, but when I actually saw it, I was impressed.  Look at how cool this app is.


Here you see the before and after. To the right are the products this user tried and if she clicks on them she can find out more about purchasing.


On the right you have the option to save the details of your look so that you can refer to it later.


You get to test the latest products from the top brands. And it’s free!

This app is so brilliant, even I can do it and I get confused easily. It just makes total sense that rather than smearing lipstick on the back of my hand. I just whip out my phone/computer wherever I may be and find the products that I know will work for me.  I’m can even go as far as to purchases them.

How do you buy your makeup?

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One thought on “Wish I Was That Smart! {GlamST Review}

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