Top 5 !

My top 5 favorite YouTube Beauty Gurus!

1. K.L –  When I first started watching beauty videos on YouTube she was the first to catch my attention. I love everything from her hair tutorials to the D.I.Y’s. For me she will always be the D.I.Y QUEEN.

2. Jermaine – I love everything about her mostly that she really does speak her mind. Her alter ego  Janaynay is awesome but, she is also the image of what not to do.  Always remember TO PROTECT YOUR COOKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Talia – This angel is the reason i started doing what I do. Watching her videos inspired me but, mostly watching her make videos while going through her battle with cancer. The joy this angel brought to my life and everybody else won;t be forgotten. R.I.P Talia

4. Bethany –  I watched her videos from the very beginning of her YouTube career . Her many D.I.Y’s to her lookbook’s. Beth is amazing best segments are at the end of her videos Typical Beth which shows how funny she is and that she too is human.

5. Bubz – I love her goofiness and her little sidekicks Chubz and Domo. Her advice is what really brought me to like her.  I just want to say Congratulations on her marriage and I wish her the best!


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