Break In Those Heels!!


I promise you will never come across a pair of high heels that doesn’t need to be broken in. The material is too stiff and is basically guaranteed to rub in all the wrong places leaving us with helpless blistered ankles that are in need of a day at the spa. Skip the extra expense and spend time shaping your new shoes to your feet before you decide to wear them all day.

Here’s How:

  • Gradually. Wear the heels for a little bit every day, starting with 30 minute intervals. Keep active when they are on — vacuum the house or empty the dishwasher. Anything that keeps you moving allows for the material to stretch and bend, softening it up. 
  • Throw on a pair of thick socks. If they are a little damp this will also help soften the shape of the shoe and while it might feel a little tight, the sock prevents you from getting any blisters as the shoe is stretched out.
  • Dry your hair. Ok, not your hair, but while the damp sock is still on take a hair dryer and aim it at your feet. The heat will also help in softening the shoe and shaping it to fit your foot perfectly. Be cautious when following this step and make sure the fabric of your heel can take a little heat!
  • Pinch me! If shoes are only pinching you in one spot, cut a piece of Moleskin and stick it to that area. Then soak your feet in warm water and slip on the heels. This will make sure the material only expands in that one area.
  • Rough ’em up. To avoid slipping and sliding on glossy floors, grab a piece of sand paper to rough up the soles of the shoes. Don’t have any sand paper on hand? Just slip on the heels, step outside, and walk along the pavement for a few minutes to give the bottoms a little grip. 
  • Apply lotion before wearing! Just like you should lather up in sunscreen before spending a day at the beach , you should rub on some lotion before spending a night in heels. Choose one that has aloe vera and vitamin E for a better benefit. The lotion keeps skin soft which let’s straps slide easily, avoiding blisters and chafing.
  • Pack it up. If there’s any fear that your heels will cause you more discomfort as the night wears on, slip a few band-aids and some Advil into your purse to alleviate the pain.

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